Annabel ja Tom with sheep
Participants feeding the sheep (Annabel ja Tom)

What is FarmStay?

FarmStay is an opportunity to be part of our life and work. The FarmStay idea was inspired by the current situation around the world – urbanisation! Seeing and hearing how more and more people are moving away from rural life and losing their connection with nature, the idea was born to bring them back to the countryside.

We want to remind people how real food can reach the table without destroying the world. We value our animals and plants and make the most of everything we have, therefore the majority of our businesses and activities fall squarely into the resource-efficient circular economy model.

We offer the unique opportunity to become part of our daily activities. Our activities change throughout the year, just like the four seasons in Estonia. Spring-summer is the busiest time and autumn-winter is a little calmer.

The winter season allows time for reflection – experiencing ice-hole swimming and sauna, being in nature and making plans for the upcoming year.

The spring-summer season is all about beekeeping, honey extraction and packing produce. This season is busy tending and feeding the animals as early spring is time for calving and lambing. Later on, all the animals need to be divided up into hay fields.

Tourism is also an important part of our summer activities. We organise canoeing trips on the Ahja and Võhandu rivers and hiking trips in the Ahja river valley nature reserve. In addition, we map new and exciting hiking trails. FarmStay participants can get involved in this too.

Autumn is harvest time, carrots-beetroot-potatoes have to be harvested from the field and put in the cellar. It is also the time to forage in the forest for fresh mushrooms.

You can participate in FarmStay if you:

  • you are at least 18 years old,
  • love animals (both farm animals and pets),
  • are willing to work on night shift (lambing season),
  • haven’t got any pre-existing physical or mental health conditions that affect your ability to work,
  • have never been diagnosed with or suffer from a psychological illness or take any medication for this,
  • love to have fun, be happy and meet new people,
  • you like to be out in nature.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about FarmStay, please contact us via the contact form below. You can also write us